Monday, August 29, 2005

summer update:

lots to report, so i'll try to give the short versions.

the cosmo fc swap went great!! 402 whp BEFORE the water injection was added on a custom bnr stage 3 turbo. engine has a large streetport and fd oil pressure regulator. other than that, it's run of the mill. sam (the owner) is gonna go have fun with it for the rest of the summer, then bring it back to upgrade the turbo to a gt40r ball bearing. we expect to see some great numbers with that!! stay tuned...

the renesis aux bridgeport project is still on hold for the time being... i'm waiting on richard to give the go ahead for the haltech install and manual linkage throttle body. the best we could manage with the stock computer during a 4th gear pull was a 34 rwhp increase. respectible no doubt, but the throttle was stuck at 67%. i wanna open that throttle plate all the way and see what she does!!

the 3 rotor fc is progressing nicely, albeit slowly. it should fire up in the next week. not much more to say about that, other than we haven't had any major setbacks except lack of time. i'll get pics once it's fired up.

since i've been flogged with rebuilds, port jobs, and fd swaps, i've hardly had any time to get my car rolling. i did get some time over the weekend and put the motor together and it's ready to drop in the car. man, it looks seck-C!!! expect to see it up and running at sevenstock.

test blog

dimme see if it works...
lemme rephrase that... dimme see if I can make it work.

Rotary Engine Spoof

Here is a rotary engine article spoof. It's pretty funny. I'm just posting it to test out the image uploading feature. =)



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